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Saturday, December 8th, 2001
3:02 am

Okay this is my first post on the whoah cow live journal, I guess I am the 'co-founder' although, I am at a new school now and I feel Trick has done most of the work :-( Anyways Trick I was thinking about posting something on gothfash or other communities about whoah cow to see if more peeps would join, also maybe we could set up a time frame of when we want the next meeting to be, see what people think on here (ex:if they could make it, if that wouldnt work) Then maybe we could set up a time that most people could come too, so we could actually have a good turn-out, What do u think? I know I know, first we have to get more people on the Whoah!Cow. community. I think we should spread the news around on our own LJ's and like I said b4 get the name out there among the diff communities, especially the nebraskans one. What do u think? If you want to do that, just tell me and I'll start spreading the news. Oh and also does Bellevue East have an GSA b/c I really don't think they do. Maybe we can get our GSA actually recognized with Bellevue East. Although I have been here only a short while I seem to be in pretty good standing with the administration and teachers and they can't use the reason that they are conservative and Catholic against us, muahahaha. We should get together to talk about some of this stuff, k time for bed.

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Monday, November 12th, 2001
4:14 pm - Meeting!

Ok, there will be a meeting coming up on November 23rd, the Friday after Thanksgiving. There is also a Cursive concert that evening, so chances are the meeting will either be earlier in the day, or the concert will be worked in as part of the meeting. I'll keep ya posted.

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Monday, October 8th, 2001
7:05 pm - October 11

October 11 is National Coming Out Day, so... come out or something. Various places around Omaha have rainbow ribbons and "Ally" or "Safe Space/Person" cards. Pick one up and show your support! Most importantly, be there for someone who needs you.

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2001
12:53 am

I'm hoping that everything will work out and I'll come to your actual meetings, but I don't know. My mom has had a tough time dealing with me telling her that I was bisexual. I don't think she will take well to the fact that I want to go to a GSA club from Gross High School with people I've never met. If anyone has any words of advice, please help me out. I think it's great that you have a club like this. Where I live there has only been 1 male student who has ever been publicly gay, and his life here was a living hell. Small town........

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Thursday, July 19th, 2001
10:51 pm - Welcome to Whoah! Cow.

Welcome, everyone. This community is for members of Whoah! Cow., a GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) started by students at Daniel J. Gross High School. I made this a closed community just so that we can screen out potential trouble-makers. Anyone who is interested in joining, feel free to contact me, I'll just ask you a few questions before I admit you, but it'll stay confidential, etc. Enjoy!

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